Valentine's Suggestions

6:45 AM

I’ve been on a blogging sabbatical for the last few days, because the laptop is at the computer doctor. Still there. I have to blog quickly before work. Gah. Anyway, we are praying for a speedy and semi-painless recovery. Poor little thing.

Computer problems are sad because I was planning on rambling about Valentines’ Day for a few posts. Yes, that awful day for singles and ooey-gooey romantic day for couples everywhere. I am just amazed by the variety of reactions caused by this Hallmark holiday. People wanna boycott social events, gorge themselves on chocolate and maybe even contemplate suicide. There is just so much wrong with that. Except maybe a (little) chocolate.

In light of these desperate and depressed typical actions, I will point singles to my Valentines’ Day post from last year…

And suggest a few ways to get your eyes off of yourself & your so-called “hopeless” single existence.

1. Give Gifts to Others. For years, I have done something for all the single girls in the church. A rose or chocolates or a framed Scripture. Something to encourage and edify and remind them that God has their future in His hands.

2. Consider True Love. Not Hollywood, happily-ever-after love, but the God-kind of love. Agape. The kind of love that compelled Christ to lay down His life for us. The kind of love that we love one another with. One Valentine’s Day, the youth group had a “What Is Love?” banquet. Fun times of getting dressed up, eating great food and talking about God’s definition of love. My suggestion: Read 1 Corinthians 13, and maybe the booklet “If” by Amy Carmichael.

3. Serve Married Couples. By babysitting little children so parents can go out for Valentines’ Day! This is my plan for this Valentines’ Day…. If nothing else, it will give me thankfulness for the benefits of my current season of life… All while sighing over the cuteness of married couples. :)

4. Get Spiritual (Not Carnal)! Gather a group of people together and talk about the Word, worship God and pray. How perfect to remember the greatness of God and the smallness of me. And to get some spiritual edification! This is very good.

As Christians, we are innately different in our perspective than the world. Even—or especially—in times like Valentine’s Day. Our lives do not revolve around whether or not we have found the “perfect” spouse to complete us. We know that Christ Himself has completed us, made us righteous and given us new life. Everything good (including marriage) is just a bonus.

Praises to the perfect, awesome, wonderful Lord of Lords!!!

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