Weekend Quotes

6:45 AM

I don’t like hot things.” –The Little Bro… while sitting in the hot tub. Oh, the irony.

Ugh. She is such a bad actor.” –The Dad critiquing people on Walker, Texas Ranger.
So is Chuck Norris. But he does the spinning round kick. So we forgive him.” -Me

If you want more information, you’ll have to subpoena it!” –The Dad shutting down an insurance agent with knowledge acquired from Law & Order episodes. Heck yeah!

This is the worst day of the year.” –Little Bro whispering because of sickness.
There’s only one month so far.” –Me
This is the worst day of this year AND last year.” –Little Bro

Take one down, pass it around… a bottle of oil. We’re not heathens here!” –The Pastor
Yes, he really did say that during a church service.

Dysfunction is just another word for SIN!” –The Pastor quoting Dr. Dobson.

Do you want a fish?” –The Pastor sharing candy.

If we start the movie now, it will be over at 1:00 am.” –The Butterfly Girl.
I can’t survive on 4 hours of sleep.” -Me

Squash, squash, squash, squash, squash…” –Me
You look like you have Tourette’s.” –The Golden Girl

So are we gonna get ice cream or are we just gonna talk about it?” I don’t remember which roommate said that. The important part was that we got ice cream. :)

Ah. Stupid!... No, no... I Will. Not. Curse. This. Computer!” –Me. Frustrated with technology.

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