6:45 AM

"Yesterday, I watched the waves crash over me
Was swept away, and left me stranded in the sea
But today, I want to give You everything
All of me...
I want to invite You into my life
Take all that is within me
I want to invite You into my life
You are my one and only
Anchor in the storm..."

The lyrics of a song written by one of my oldest friends. I used to listen to this song over and over. It reminds me of the stunning majesty of the ocean, the feeling of insignificance when I stand before the sea, the requirement of Lordship in my daily life as a Christian, and how I must worship the Master---with my life.

And yesterday is the theme of this blog entry.

Not-so-great Things of Yesterday:

  • Gritted my teeth all night long and woke up with a headache (this is what happens when I am thinking too hard or I'm cold or both).
  • Spent ALOT of money on car repairs.
  • Got a parking ticket.
  • Cold. Like 1 degree cold. Wretched Old Man Winter.

Great Things about Yesterday:

  • My parents gave me a gift (a BOOK! Yes!)
  • Lemon poppyseed muffins
  • Funny old YFN videos. "OCHO!!!", arm-wrestling, face paint, cafeteria tours, & interviews.
  • Thinking about how much I love my favorite chair. My "devotions" chair. :)

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