Weekend in Review

6:45 AM

Hospitality is grand. Prep work for hospitality is... interesting. Errr rather, maybe I should call it the part-time job of being a homeowner... Clean, straighten, vacuum, sweep, fold, wash. The verbs of my life! :)

Laughing til the tears came over Fireproof movie bonus features!! I (heart) pranks and outtakes.

Brilliant idea of grocery shopping at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday night. Walmart is empty. YES! Except the creepy floor-cleaning machine guy that followed me around. And the fact that I can't go to Walmart without seeing at least 5 people I know and yet don't know what to say to... As the Little Bro succinctly says, "Awk-ward!"

Fine china and pretty glasses for breakfast with the youth girls. Laughter, moments of silence, some seriousness, all working together for a (hopefully) mutually beneficial meal. And yes, breakfast food is my favorite!

Explaining my lack of sleep during busy weekends.. "It's not the sleeping I have a problem with; it's the waking up that's difficult!"

It's oddly annoying that interruptions are guaranteed to occur whenever I start to pray... Like * open mouth* and the doorbell rings, the phone rings, the door opens... Argh.

Baking fun with The Butterfly Girl roomie. Lessons learned: Black frosting is unattainable. And The Little Bro will steal batter every time my back is turned. Literally. And everything is more fun while drinking smoothies & sparkling grape juice.

The Golden Girl's first comment upon arriving home on Saturday night, "Was (The Little Bro) here?" When I wondered how she knew, she says, "Walker, Texas Ranger." LOL He is predictable! The Little Bro did come over for dinner and chill-time, which usually includes the latest season of Walker on DVD... and we argue goodnaturedly over which episode to watch, and then comment freely throughout. :) Family tradition dictates this.

Exhortations on revival during church. Passionate prayer for souls. Righteous indignation during Sunday School. And fun youth group decisions. :)

On the cell phone with The Sis before the Superbowl... and then my quick ending, "Ahhh, I gotta go! My favorite part--the National Anthem!"

Screaming and sighing in unison during the game. And explaining football to The Chatty Girl. She asks funny questions, "What is that yellow line?" (the first down) and "What does W mean?" (Win) "What does L mean---Oooh.." :)

Frenzied Superbowl-party-cleanup to very loud Jeremy Camp music, "I know that I've been-given more than beyond measure!" --- my song on repeat. I'm sure it looked odd; the abundance of people in a little kitchen, twirling, half-dancing, bobbing heads and singing loudly. :)

Smiling and waving at a tired-looking fireman during the early morning darkness of a Monday. Fireproof is getting in my head.

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