Ten Awesome Things

6:44 AM

A.k.a. Weekend in Review

1. A Treasure Hunt. My “secret sister” is so creative! She organized a treasure hunt that began with a note taped to my car window and ended with a gift & a big red bow! I was simply ecstatic about a little note, but it got even better….

2. A Porch Swing!
Yeah, it’s 20 degrees outside right now. But that porch swing will soon adorn my porch! Have I mentioned that my “secret sister” rocks? Cause she does. I (heart) porch swings. They remind me of lazy summer days at my childhood home. And honeysuckles. And good friends. :)

3. Tract Evangelism.
On Friday night, we went downtown to witness. People ignored us, threw tracts in the trash and rolled their eyes. But they also read and walked, discussed the law of God with their friends and put tracts in their pockets. As I encouraged the youth, “Even if they only read the title, and thought about eternity for one second, that’s a seed God can use!”

4. Piano Practice.
Late at night. Or during the day. When nobody’s home. Or when a roomie is busy. Doesn’t matter. I love my piano. And I even love annoying scales. And simple classical music from back in the day. And songs that I almost don’t remember writing.

5. Babysitting Little Girlies.
Snuggling on the couch with books about ladybugs & goldfish, playing Hungry Hippos, Candyland and peek-a-boo, singing Christmas carols and dancing in the kitchen. And listening wide-eyed to the chatter of a three-year-old with a large vocabulary and even larger memory.

6. Bible Teachings Online. I nod, laugh, “amen” out loud in an empty room, wince, concentrate with intensity, remember, raise eyebrows quizzically, giggle and sigh. Nothing can liven up boring computer work like a good sermon!

7. Roses. Beautiful cream-colored roses with magenta edges that I gave away to the unmarried ladies of the church. I (heart) Valentines’ Day… if, for no other reason, than the fact that I can give roses to my friends. :)

8. Missions Conference. LOTS of teaching about missions and the Gospel and stories about missions!! Pleasantly surprised to learn that I have an awesome missions book in my library yet unread. And though I might have looked a little ‘out of it’ towards the end of Sunday morning’s message—not enough sleep—I was actually deep in thought about missions giving. God is doing great things!

9. House Party! At Hidden Haven (a.k.a. my parents’ mountaintop home). It is hidden. This is why we give out printed directions to newcomers. It was a potluck, which meant extra tables throughout the kitchen/dining area, last-minute preparation of extra food, animated discussions that sounded bad but were actually edifying. People scattered about the house (and outside, too), listening to music, losing at pool, watching good movies, shooting guns, munching, talking, laughing, taking pictures, staying late. Most hilarious moment: The guys setting off a half-stick of dynamite in the front yard. Seriously!

10. An Obsession with Lists. Only *I* would make a list within a list. I spent Saturday night at my parents’ house, and it made me remember some more things that I miss about “home.” Their home, not my new home. 1) LONG drives before/after church. Which usually mean deep discussions and/or dozing. 2) The woodstove. Falling asleep by firelight. 3) The abundance of semisweet chocolate chips. So we can make chocolate chip cookie dough any time we want. This weekend we didn’t—though it was discussed—but it’s the possibility that comforts me. :) Good times with family.

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