Weekend in Review

9:55 PM

Friday. Doing a frenzied house-cleaning so I could go to the mountaintop for the night. Straightening up and cooking, like I had never left. :) Happy suppertime with the family. And then, enjoying the icy winter cold. I had been soooo excited because of the clear, cloudless sky. Perfect for star-gazing from the hot tub. I didn't realize that the moon was almost full, which meant bright moonlight reflecting off the snow---too bright to see anything besides Orion and a dipper. Oh well. Back inside by the fire. And falling asleep to Fireproof.

Saturday. Fighting with the laptop. Reading a whole book. Uploading old YFN videos. Taking care of the sick and/or miserable Little Bro, which included but was not limited to giving him cool washcloths, supplying vitamins and hot lemon tea, making chicken noodle soup, and reading "Christ the Healer" aloud. Baking apple dumplings. Playing the piano. Finding an old journal. Taking a "little hike" with my dad. :) We were trudging through six inches of snow, which felt something like walking with weights around the ankles. Down one mountain, up another, across the ridge, down the mountain, up a hill and down the icy driveway. Once we even lost the trail. "Daddy, we're not on a trail" -Me. "But we're going in the right direction!" -Dad. Nice. Challenges aside, I loved it. The beautiful weather, clear views, mountaintop breezes, good conversation and moving clouds. After supper, it was back to my dear small town and dear little house for The Princess Bride with the roomie. Which I fell asleep watching. This is becoming a trend. I must be tired.

Sunday. Waking up to find out that I am leading worship alone. Me and the keyboard. Dependent on the grace of God. We sang about salvation, and redemption, and the Blood of Jesus. "O precious is the flow, that made me white as snow, no other fount I know, nothing but the Blood of Jesus." The encouragement of seeing passionate prayer for the healing of one another. Too much sickness lately. But there's healing in the Blood of Jesus! Challenging Word about missions. The Golden Girl's delicious chicken and dumplings. A much-needed nap. Hanging out with the roomies. Our spontaneous run to Walmart for ice cream. And finally, a movie that I didn't fall asleep while watching. :) Praise the Lord for Sunday naps. And praise Him for creating a day of rest. He knew what He was doing! :)

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