My Cathedral

6:38 AM

Lately, I have been wondering why sinners seem to adore cathedrals. Huge cathedrals distract me. Instead of prayer, my eyes are consumed with visions of stained glass and stonework. I don’t feel reverence or the presence of God. I feel far from Him. As if He is unreachable. And I am insignificant and unneeded.

“What veriest work of God was in these mighty living pillars and the arched dome of green! How similar to stained cathedral windows were the long openings between the trees, filled with rifts of blue, rays of gold, and the shifting emerald of leaves! Where could be found mosaics to match this aisle paved with living color and glowing light?”
Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter

However… I love God’s cathedrals. The work of His hands. Impulsively, my voice is lifted in prayer while on a lonely mountaintop. When I walk in an open field, my soul cries out to Him. Sometimes I am struck speechless under the night sky, when I try to meditate on the vastness of my Creator. He and His power is incomprehensible to my small mind. I do still feel insignificant. But in a different way. A good way. I feel insignificant and loved. Because my God created these beautiful things for me and put a plan in motion to restore my fellowship with Him.

The beginning of man’s relationship with God was in a garden. A paradise. God and human walked together in Eden. The ultimate struggle of prayer commenced in a garden, and then came Calvary, outside of the city on a hill. And I find fellowship in a place of the same nature. I hesitate to say that I find my place of worship in forests and mountains. You might think I worship trees… Definitely not the case. In all of the creation, my eyes are turned to the Creator, the God and Father of all.

Nature is only my cathedral. God is my God!

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