Puritan Prayer

6:45 AM

Life-Giving GOD,

Quicken me to call upon Thy name,
for my mind is ignorant,
my thoughts vagrant,
my affections earthly,
my heart unbelieving,
and only Thy Spirit can help my infirmities.
I approach Thee as Father and Friend,
my portion forever,
my exceeding joy,
my strength of heart.
I believe in Thee as the God of nature,
the ordainer of providence,
the sender of Jesus my Savior.
My guilty fears discourage an approach to Thee,
but I praise Thee for the blessed news
that Jesus reconciles Thee to me.
May the truth that is in Him
illuminate in me all that is dark,
establish in me all that is wavering,
comfort in me all that is wretched,
accomplish in me all that is of Thy goodness,
and glorify in me the name of Jesus.
I pass through a vale of tears,
but bless Thee for the opening gate of glory at its end.
Enable me to realize as mine the better, heavenly country.
Prepare me for every part of my pilgrimage.
Uphold my steps by Thy Word.
Let no iniquity dominate me.
Teach me that Christ cannot be the Way
if I am the end,
That He cannot be Redeemer,
if I am my own Saviour.
That there can be no true union with Him
While the creature has my heart.
That faith accepts Him as Redeemer and Lord
or not at all.

-From "The Valley of Vision: Puritan Prayers & Devotions"

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