Weekend in Review

6:43 AM

I should make this a regular feature of my blog... 'Cause I know y'all are so interested in what happens in my life. I really should make this one like the "Week in Review." I've been so busy in the last week that not much blogging occurred. But that would take a long time to type, so here's some snippets of fun.

Friday. Ultimate Frisbee & Bonfire with The Youth Group. Well, it only started with ultimate Frisbee. One game. My team lost. So we played volleyball. My team lost again. So we played soccer. My team lost again. Have I mentioned that I've been praying for humility lately? And that's what I get! It was quite hilarious that every time someone got hurt, everyone laughed uncontrollably. Who knew pain could be so funny? Only a little blood and bruises, but we survived. The Quiet Kid is now known as "Gimpy."... Onward to the bonfire. The Country Boy brought glorious, amazing fireworks. The Curious Girl charred a mountain pie. The Crazy Kid made a blow-torch with an old can of Tag and a lighter. Sometimes he REALLY scares me! And I could see the Milky Way and a million stars in the night sky. And people played chess with me, which made me happy. Even if I did lose once, and was well on my way to losing again (humility again).

Saturday. Work and play, work and play. Spent the morning making breakfast, cleaning house, making a grocery list, doing laundry, and organizing paperwork. In the afternoon, The Little Bro and I went to the lake for serious bonding time. Which means, he fishes and I read... The sound of gentle waters and little fishies splashing as they fight the line. Boats skimming by and faraway shouts of happy wakeboarders, swimmers and lake-goers. Good times. Then it's onward to more work at the grocery store, then home to clean again and finish getting ready for the dinner guests on Sunday. Chilled with The Little Bro later. More family bonding, aka. Walker Texas Ranger. He makes me wanna learn kick-boxing. Yeah, Chuck Norris is The Man!

Sunday. Good to be in the house of the Lord. And we may not be in our literal house much longer, as our church building has been sold! So we're praying for the provision of God. He's given us ten wonderful years in our building and blessed us financially through it. Teaching on justification and sanctification was wonderful. I kinda gave up on the taking notes thing towards the end. The Pastor talks SO fast sometimes! But God was burning truths into my heart, so notes are secondary.... A semi-picnic with the campus group. Real plates and silverware, tablecloths, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and roast au jour makes it a "semi-picnic." Though eating outside with the biting bugs gave it an air of authenticity! Chillin' in the apartment. Dying a slow, torturous death again by chess. The Princess Bride with the girls, as the guys had fun with guns. A long dusky walk in the forest. Encouraging spiritual conversation with The Butterfly Girl*. Eating sweet wild blackberries and huckleberries. Relaxing bonfire on the hill. Innovative mountain pies by The Tall Guy and creative marshmallows by The City Guy. Staying up too late, but the beautiful day was worth it.

*Ok, my names are becoming very imaginative. The Butterfly Girl is so named because every time I see butterflies, I think of her. 'Cause she likes to wear pretty butterfly things. Anyway, butterflies make me smile and so does she!

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