Parable of the Sower

8:43 AM

These are song lyrics based on the parable found in Luke 8:4-15.

There was a man who went
Outside to sow his seed.
What kind of soil would it be?

It didn't matter how,
This man threw it out.
It mattered where the seed would go.

Oh, did it fall aside?
Where the birds came to find.
Trampled under and destroyed.

Or, did it fall on rocks?
Quickly to spring up

And then to wither into dust.
Or, did it fall in thorns?
Which came to hold it close

Now choking out the life that grows...

He sent His Word to us
That seed upon our hearts,
What kind of soil are we now?

Have we heard the Word
And the devil stole it out?
There's nothing left inside us now.
Or, happy to be saved?
Yet never rooted in the faith,

Once tempted and we turn away.
Or, choked by the world?
Worries, riches or pleasures?
So our fruit dies before it grows.

This seed within our hearts
Bearing fruit, a hundred times over
Lord, let it be so.
Let it be so in me.

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