Not Enough Beauty

6:44 AM

I recommend this post for the ladies!! As usual, Boundless Webzine (a ministry of Focus on the Family) gives a Biblically balanced view on a touchy subject. Bravo!

Here's some quotes from the article:

Yes, there are lots of Christian women who struggle with the problem of overemphasis on beauty. But ... others fall into the category of "mismanagement" or neglect. And ... this has a profound effect on [their] growing desire for marriage and family.

More than most women, most men are stimulated, animated and activated by what they see. It's hard for women to fully grasp what this means because it's not our nature to be equally aroused by the images around us. We're more relational....

As you suspect, you can go overboard in both directions. A woman with abundant natural beauty who piles on the makeup and dresses seductively is just as poor a steward as a plain woman who "detests" all efforts to make the most of her appearance.

The kind of man a Godly woman should want to marry would esteem a woman who strives to be lovely, both inside and out.

This is not, however, about the world's standard of beauty. It's about making the most of what God has given you...

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