Weekend in Review

12:09 AM

I spent a rare Friday night at home. It was nice! Dinner with the family. Spur-of-the-moment trip down to the lake. The Little Bro fished and I snapped pictures in the glimmering dusky light & read a new (oldish) book. Enroute to the lake, I told a fascinating story out of a book I had just started, and got The Little Bro hooked. So I kept reading aloud to him. At Sunday lunch, The Little Bro looks at me and says, "What happened to (character's name)?" and I had to explain to my parents who that person was and that it wasn't a real person.

Saturday morning I was up early and ready for the day. Went garage-saling with The Sis for a short couple of hours. My finds: an old Hardy Boys book, antique-y picture frames, a silver candlestick holder and a Chinese teacup. And I had time to cuddle the nieces. :)

The rest of Saturday was filled with the craziness of 7 middle-schoolers in an amusement park. It was amusing, let me tell you! One certain youth was convinced we were gonna get mugged. And we were not in the ghetto. Several guys rode a roller coaster 8 times in a row. They begged me to ride it, and so I finally did, while saying "I'm gonna regret this!" And I did. 'Cause I have firm roller coaster specifications... And a rickety wooden one that shakes incessantly, with a tiny metal bar across your lap, and that feeling of the nearness of death--not what I like AT ALL! What else? I had to explain that beer-battered onion rings would *not* make you drunk, and what every other kind of food on the menu was. I had to participate in a splashing war, and be dragged around a pool by my ankle. I had to convince someone to go on the coolest spinning ride, and commiserate with another when our ride turned out to be a "BAAAAD ride" (major pain). I had to find someone's money. I was chauffered around in the old-time cars on a track while singing crazy songs. I was rejected from a kiddie-land roller coaster. Hey, we didn't know it was kiddie-land! By the end of the day, I was sunkissed and exhausted.

Sunday--Blessed day in the house of the Lord and blessed day of rest! I'm convinced that without Sundays, we would all shrivel up and die from fatigue!! We blessed the name of the Lord and heard the Word preached about justification by faith. Lunch with the family. Isn't it annoying how those closest to you know just how to push your buttons? Explanation: There's a nice little pizza place close to church that we went to lunch at. There's nice little booths, which I love. However, the lamps hang low to the table and The Little Bro likes to reach up and make the lamp sway. AHHHH! It drives me crazy. So lunch went something like this: *pleasant conversation* Little Bro hits the lamp. Said lamp sways. I reach up and stop lamp. *finishing sentence in pleasant conversation* Little Bro hits lamp again. I stop lamp. *conversation* Little Bro hits lamp again. I hit The Little Bro.... Everyone laughs.

Yeah, good times. :)

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