Pregnancy Update | 20 Weeks & It’s a BOY!

8:35 PM

The secret is out! It’s a BOY!

We are so excited! Though I gotta say, we would have been just as ecstatic with a girl. We had several conversations about wondering whether the baby would be a boy or girl. One of my midwives had a theory that it was a boy because of the heartbeat. Brandon thought we might have a boy first because his twin brother’s wife had a boy first. I thought that if we were doing it that way, my sis had a girl first so we had a 50-50 chance!

We did a silly list of pros and cons to having a boy or girl on the night before our ultrasound. It was fun, and hilarious, and the end result was that… we love both boy babies and girl babies, and we had no preference. I mean, boys are rough-and-tumble and great big brothers, but like Brandon said, “girls are just so darn CUTE!”

Our wondering time came to an end when the ultrasound tech said, “It’s a BOY!” There were big smiles all around. Even bigger smiles, and I couldn’t contain several belly laughs when we saw our little boy just kickin’ up a storm. He's like a ninja warrior in the womb! He’s active and healthy and all the measurements look great, for which we are profoundly thankful. 

And there ya go, folks. It's a 20-week baby bump picture! In all honesty, I think the camera was a little too kind to me in this photo. Baby is definitely there and people are noticing. Today at Walmart, the young gentleman cashier was sure to lift the watermelon and milk gallons to put them in my cart for me because he noticed that I was pregnant! I was thinking, "awwww, that's so nice!" 

Symptoms. I feel GREAT. Perhaps a little more tired than usual, but I notice a big difference in when I go for a walk, get out in the sunshine and fresh air, and get some exercise! A few weeks ago, I was noticing twinges in my belly, but couldn't really differentiate between normal digestion feeling and weird pregnancy stretches. In the last week, it became very obvious that this was little Squish-Squish using his feet on my belly! It's a little surprising and alot wonderful!

Food. No food aversions. No real cravings. Except I love ice cream. ALOT. I specifically didn't buy any today, so that I wouldn't eat it so often. :D And I think that scrolling through instagram or Pinterest is very dangerous while pregnant. I mean, I didn't even know that I wanted a big, juicy burger grilled outside UNTIL I SAW ONE ON INSTAGRAM. Behold, the power of suggestion! :P

What I'm Doing. Now that we know that it's a baby boy, I feel like I'm free to really start preparing. Now if only I was home in PA, I'd be painting the nursery.... lol, but it can't be helped. I guess I am relegated to simple Google searches for paint colors and accessories. 

Nursery Theme. Narnia! My sis suggested that in a brainstorming session (we do brainstorming by email sometimes!) and I loved it. Brandon loved it, too. Because we both love Narnia. And incorporating the forest-esque colors of Narnia in the happiest of times just feels perfect. Think light brown, with accents of chocolate brown, forest green, and dark navy blue. I'm smiling just thinking about it. 

Excuse me while I go troll Pinterest in search of baby wonderfulnesss!......

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