Conversations at Work

11:35 AM

Conversation #1:

Secretary says to me, “Now since you and I are the only single girls here, don’t you think they should hire some good-looking techs for us??”

Me “Ummmmm”

Boss laughing, “Yeah, ‘Amethyst,’ I’m gonna leave this up to you!”

Secretary, “We need some 'eye candy!'” (Inwardly I'm gagging. I hate that term!)

Boss, “Amethyst, you have the final say here.”

Me “No comment”

Boss laughing: “That settles it!”

Secretary, “But ‘no comment’ could go either way! She just has a boyfriend and isn’t telling us about it. That’s why she said that!”

Me “No, I don’t!!”

Conversation #2:

Wide-eyed Office personnel, “Obama is the antichrist!”

Boss opens his mouth then closes it. “I’m not gonna say anything, because some people want him in.”

Office personnel “Yeah, like people in padded rooms!”

Secretary, “My mom wants him in.”

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