11:24 AM

Picnicing in the grass: $0.00

Caesar salad from a bag: $5.92

Fried chicken to feed a crowd: $29.97

The look on The Pastor's face as the youth group and campus group united in doing "The Wave" while he was batting in a softball game: Priceless

.... Add 3 yummy desserts, 7 blankets on the grass, 1 loving dog, 2 kinds of fruit, countless discarded flip flops, 6 orange marker cones, 1 game of Ultimate Frisbee and 2 games of flag football which I loved passionately though we lost wretchedly = 1 Very. Awesome. Picnic!

"Can we throw them to the ground and then take their flag?" -The Tall Guy

Haha. And now my muscles are screaming in that very nice sort of pain that says I should really play flag football more often! :) Ciao, my faithful readers! Enjoy our lovely summertime weather this weekend.

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