What is Maturity?

10:28 PM

Maturity is growing up. Maturity is putting away childish and juvenile interests, expressions, mannerisms and demands. Maturity is disagreeing gracefully. Maturity is being genuinely interested in other people. It is learning to listen. It is not having to constantly talk about yourself. Maturity is being secure in yourself in all situations. Maturity is free from intimidation and fear of man. Maturity is being who you are no matter who you're with and not being ashamed of it. Maturity is being content with what you have. Maturity is not defining yourself by the type, brand, price and status of your posessions. Maturity is remaining humble when you are exalted. Maturity is being able to relate to all ages/classes of people while communicating a sense of equal importance. Maturity is being alone and unafraid. Maturity is being vulnerable in soul among friends. Maturity is never putting up a facade. Maturity is knowing what you want and walking away from it. Maturity is knowing your dreams and laying them down. Maturity is making life decisions based on long-term, rather than short-term satisfaction. Maturity is not having to know everything about everyone. Maturity is not speaking negative words about anyone, even if it's true. Maturity is remaining calm during confrontation. Maturity is treating each person as if they've never wronged you. Matury is fading into the background instead of being in the spotlight. Maturity is speaking few words and speaking them well. Maturity is running from evil without hesitation.

Maturity is not an age thing. It's not a looks thing. Maturity isn't even about what you do. Maturity is about what you do as a result of who you've become on the inside. Maturity is allowing Christ to replace you. Maturity = Unselfishness. Maturity is growing up in God.

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