Garage Sale

12:28 PM

Spent my weekend at a garage sale. I love garage sales. Or so I thought. Now I know that I only love going to garage sales. I certainly do not love having them. But I'm trying to be positive, so here we go.

Good things during the Garage Sale:
-Fun conversation with The Chatty Girl and The Green-Eyed Girl on Friday night, all about love and relationships and marriage.
-The rain held off until 4:33 on Saturday afternoon!! So great!
-Babysitting or "Five-Year-Old-Sitting" (her words) The Namesake for a little while on Saturday. She is quite the entertaining red-haired little girl. She amused me, and I read her books while sitting in the afternoon sunshine.
-FOUR HOURS cutting, addressing and stamping The Little Bro's graduation announcements. I guess we know alot of people!
-Uninterrupted time to think, journal alot and study the Word.
-And hey, at least it was for a good cause. :)

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