The Week So Far

6:38 AM

Yeah, I know it's Friday. For me, the week isn't over on Friday. Weekends are the hardest and busiest time of the week. Which explains why I crash on Sunday afternoons and take a much-needed nap. Speaking of sleep, I was so sad this morning. I woke up at 5:00 am (normal occurence), and thought briefly that it was Saturday and I could sleep some more. My smile turned upside down, when I realized that I was deluded and it was Friday morning---and I had to go to work. Then again, I can't complain... Because I don't have wonderfully adorable little children that get up very early every morning (including Saturdays) like The Sis does, so that means I can sleep in once a month or so. :) Wooohooo for sleeep!!! This is the exhaustion talking...

Monday - Can't remember much about that day. Worked. Felt miserable. Was sick. Listened to the Word on CD.
Tuesday - Still sick. Still worked. Parents signed over "my" car to me. Didn't have Tuesday night meetings (thank you, Jesus). Got home and had a flat tire. Prayed. Studied.
Wednesday - Better day. Body is back to normal. Youth group details take over my brain. Preached on modesty. Bought new tire. Vacuumed house.
Thursday - Payroll day at work. Ugh. Return stuffed lamb to niece. Bought plants at greenhouse. Dinner at The Sis' house. Home. Youth group stuff. Clean more. Fit formal dress. Record music.
Friday--has only just begun....

The DLF is not a happy camper right now(see post, because my To-Do list is increasingly unfulfilled. Trying to keep perspective on this whole life of craziness. Determining what is important. Trying to practice only what is important. Leaning on grace.

"The conclusion, when all has been heard, fear God and keep His commandments..."
Ecclesiastes 12:13

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