Life in List Form

8:00 AM

I always seem to learn stuff during the weekends. And write it out in list form. Weird. But I guess everybody needs a quirk or two. It keeps 'em interesting. *smile* Moving on...

I love walks down country roads. Throwing sticks in the creek with the nieces, poking our noses around a deserted cabin, looking at the "salmon" (actually trout), marvelling at the rich colors of the forest carpeted with violets, petting curious horses. Yup, simple pleasures. And city friends, don't knock it 'til ya try it! :)

Being awake in double-digit time is hard on me. Even while drinking chai, with my two very nice friends "Caffeine" and "Sugar." I stand by my previous assumption that there is no such thing as a 'morning person' or 'night owl.' It's all about training your body to a schedule. Mine is trained to the early-to-rise thing. At least, it is by Friday. Weekends just wack me out.

Family togetherness is just cool. The Other Bro and his family were visiting from North Carolina. The Other Bro is so named because he's my "little" bro, but the other little bro is 'littler.' Haha. So we got to hang out for awhile. Funny stuff is The Other Bro & The Little Bro discussing whether the driveway was level. The conversation went something like this: "No, it's not!" "Yes, it is!" "No, it's not!" "Yes, it is!" That's what happens when two know-it-alls get together. :)

My first *real* photo shoot was exhausting/exhilarating. For 3 1/2 hours on Saturday afternoon, the Little Bro and I haunted local picturesque locations for backgrounds in his senior pictures. I was shooting him. (Yes, laugh about that sentence. I think it's ridiculously funny, too) I've surmised that while I got the creativity genes, the scientific/analytical genes went entirely to The Other Bro. I've got the vision--but the journey to the vision is tough. Technical stuff always means "more work, less fun" for me. But we'll sludge through it, no doubt, and have some masterful images.

Favorite Foods from the Weekend
-Sour Patch Kids... cuz they remind me of my childhood.
-Whipped Cream... cuz it's just awesome.
-Burritoes... it's a Texan thing.

Enough lists already! :)

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