My Provider

8:00 AM

Sometimes (okay, all the time), God just amazes me. He knows just what I need and provides it for me. I had been wondering how God could provide what I needed. Reality screamed louder than His promises. Things looked hopeless and the future was bleak. How could God provide what seemed impossible to me?

In the last 24 hours, God confirmed His promise to me no less than 3 times. In the nighttime. In a rabbit trail in a sermon. In a conversation at a birthday party. I always wondered how God could confirm His Word to people in practical ways. Until today when I experienced His miraculous confirmations firsthand.

He reminded me that, He is my Provider. He has already been to my place of need and provided for me in that time. He is faithful to perform His Word.

There is peace in my soul again. Thank You, Jesus.

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