A Little Something

11:32 AM

A Little Laughter.
Spent a lovely Friday evening laughing at a series of comedic sketches put on by area homeschoolers. How I love to laugh! (it’s a family trait). Sometimes I was the only one laughing. Hmmmm. But laugh, I certainly did! At the little sub-plot between Benedict and Lady Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. Or the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance who reminded me of The Oldest Friend. And at everything else. And let me just point out that I missed the former Mr. Darcy. Come back from England! I went to support The Green-Eyed Girl who made a perfect shy and scared Piglet in Pooh & Piglet’s Adventures (actually I forget the title). And she rocked it!

A Little Dirt.
Spent a finally-warm-enough Saturday morning playing in the dirt. Haha. Got to weed the gardens, plant lots of flowers, herbs and vegetables and fight with the sprinklers. I lost. And got wet. Good times!

A Little Fellowship.
The long-awaited, much-anticipated Formal Fellowship Night for the high-schoolers. We spent a kind of frantic hour at the quaint park while I took pictures of the lovely ladies and gentlemen. The Little Bro was busy making friends with a half-grown duckling that he named “George Advocate, Jr.” Haha. I don’t know either. If you think that’s silly, we were just getting started. Onward to the restaurant. The group was positively GIDDY. Confession: I was, too. I don’t know why. Anyway, we drank tons of water, told stupid jokes to the busboy, almost set the place on fire, tasted everyone else’s food, took many many pictures, laughed at random things (“it’s nothing like Mississippi!”) and generally had a very long, very fun meal. A bit too long, because then The Curly Girl & The Country Boy had to go home. (I’m so sorry!!!). As it was, the rest of us spent the afterparty looking like zombies. Well-dressed zombies though. And I rambled about frogs on the way home to keep The Little Bro awake as he drove. At least it worked! So yeah, great night was had by all. The food was great, but the company was better!

A Little Sport.

The billionth annual Memorial Sunday Picnic tradition lives on! This one was masterfully organized at the last minute by The Golden Girl*. Our kitchen mess precluded us from hosting the picnic, which was sad for us. But it was really fun to have an actual picnic pavilion and basketball court and playground and change of scenery. There were three beautiful doggies running around. Awwww. One was a tiny puppy that fell asleep on my lap. Yes, awwww. And we played a fun-intense-crazy game of basketball. In which I jammed my pinkie finger pretty hard on the basketball. My thought: “NO! Not my piano fingers!” It was swollen yesterday, but mostly back to normal today. Only a little pain while typing. *Sigh of relief*

A Little Work.
What's a holiday at my house without good hard work? I spent the day mostly in my apartment. The French doors flung wide open and the summery breeze blowing through, while I unpacked, alphabetized and cataloged books. True relaxation. While working. Well, maybe I got distracted a few times by a book or two. But that's the kind of glorious summer day it was. If only all days could be so grand!

*The Golden Girl was formerly known as "The Blonde Girl," but someone informed me that the word "blonde" is misused and has negative connotations. Being negative about my friends is just NOT cool! So now she is Golden! We are referring to The Golden Girl's lovely light golden blonde hair.. :)

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