A Narnian at Heart

8:00 AM

The Chronicles of Narnia series are my all-time favorite fiction books. I love the stories, the imagery, the English-ness, the purity of writing, the exaltation of nobility and courage and those character traits often ignored in this modern world. I love the references that C.S. Lewis (TCON's author) did not "intend" as allegory, yet they speak to me of Christ. I love that it is magic without demonic inspiration, and that there is a clear line between good and evil.

In hono(u)r of the newest Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, I am going to post my favorite lines from the book that were not included in the movie.

"No more of that, your Majesty, if you love me," -Trumkin the Dwarf

"He that is walking between the Centaur and the Giant has no look of surrender in his face." -Glozelle

"The Trees... quenched their thirst with deep draughts of mingled dew and rain, flavoured with forest flowers and the airy taste of the thinnest clouds."

"You came of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve. And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emporer in earth. Be content." -Aslan

"You are my King. I know the difference between giving advice and taking orders. You've had my advice, and now it's the time for orders." -Trumpkin the Dwarf

I'm not gonna post my opinion on Prince Caspian (the movie), because The Sis hasn't seen it yet and I don't wanna spoil her experience. :)

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