More Book Stuff

6:43 AM

Grand total: 78 books (I think). My favorite finds? Where do I start?

Sacred Songs & Solos by Ira D. Sankey
. His name was very familiar and it was a thin songbook that looked incredibly old. (I collect old hymnbooks). So it went in the box. After researching, I realized that the name was familiar because Ira Sankey was world-renowned as D.L. Moody’s partner in evangelistic ministry and as a prolific composer.

A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter. This book was in the collectors’ room for really old and rare books, which meant significantly more expensive. When I went back on half-price day, there it was!! Waiting for me. Calling to me…. LOL If you don't recognize the author, she also wrote The Girl of the Limberlost. If it still doesn't ring a bell, just remember-she's a good author. Take my word on that.

War on the White Slave Trade by Ernest A. Bell. I picked up this book because there was a quote by General William Book (founder of the Salvation Army) on the front. Just paging through it quickly, I read several stories of young women caught in sexual slavery in early America and the efforts of the Church to fight against it through governmental avenues and through ministry! Awesome!

And more: A book on 19th century etiquette (fascinating!), the autobiography of Charles Finney, four books by Grace Livingston Hill, an old hardcover of Les Miserables, Spurgeon’s Sermons, several books by L.M. Montgomery, a Methodist hymnal, two books in the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, a book by Paul/David Yonggi Cho (pastor of the largest church in the world), some Andrew Murray, several by Louisa M. Alcott, some cookbooks, several cute little books for The Niece and many more…

And besides all the great books, I had fun, too!!
-Standing in the rain with The Chatty Girl, who was wonderful enough to lose sleep and be excellent company going to a book sale when she doesn’t even like books!

-Eavesdropping on the conversation of two guys in line in front of us. One said, “Perelandra” and my ears went on high alert. They were talking about a series written by C.S. Lewis that I’ve been wanting to read. The conversation was quite intriguing, especially when they mentioned its “Christian themes.” I should’ve just talked to them, but *shrug* what can I say? Sometimes I’m shy.

-A funny little comic of stick people that I drew while eating breakfast. It was a drawing of the The Chatty Girl and myself, and I was dragging a Santa Claus bag full of books. And this tiny comic was hilarious because we were eating breakfast at 6:30 am on a Saturday, when normal people sleep. We were tired and therefore, silly.

And I can't wait 'til next year's book sale!!!

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