Dear Friend

11:23 PM

Though many people use blogs to speak to certain situations in their lives, I do not. This bit of poetry is not directed at one particular friend. Rather, it's just my heart speaking to the many dearly loved ones who have known the Truth and now have deserted Christ.

Dear friend,
After all the truth that you heard,
I can't believe you walked away.
And here I am-waiting for your return!

I can't give up. I won't give up.
You haven't gone too far.
No, no... the Father is looking for you.
And I'm looking, too.

While you dance with the world,
Seeking vanity.
I'm down on my knees
Crying for mercy.

When will you see?
Yes, may the light pierce the dark!
May the Word yet be heard.
Let the Rock crush your heart.

Watching & praying
One hour. Or two.
One day. Or a hundred.
My friend...
When will you come home?

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